无机速凝剂(液体.25kg/桶) 详细介绍

海韵牌BT-2003型无机速凝剂 (喷射混凝土用液体)

Chaton brand BT - 2003 type inorganic accelerating (shotcrete to use liquid)

 执行标准:JC477—2003 《喷射混凝土用速凝剂》

Execution standard: JC477-2003 "sprayed concrete in accelerating"



A, product USES:


  Chaton brand BT - 2003 type inorganic herein is adjustable flocculences one kind, it can make concrete within minutes condensation, mainly for the shotcrete, also can used for refractory concrete construction and leak-stopping engineering.



Second, technical requirements:

执行标准: JC477 — 2003《喷射混凝土用速凝剂》

Execution standard: JC477-2003 "sprayed concrete in accelerating"


Level: first-rate product, qualified products



Mixed accelerating regarding mix-proportion chemicals and related sclerosis mortar should conform to the performance of the table below requirements:




净浆凝结时间 min, 不迟于

1d抗压强度 Mpa 不小于

28d抗压强度 Mpa 不小于

细度 (筛余 % )不大于


















注: 28d 抗压强度比为掺速凝剂与不掺者的抗压强度比



Third, packaging and storage:


  Adopt 25 kg plastic drum packaging, can also according to user requirements for packaging. Avoid damp, transportation in packaging without damage conditions, stored in a dry ventilated warehouse. Storage is valid for five months.



Four, note:

1、速凝剂掺量 3 ~ 5% 。

1, accelerating the admixture of 3 ~ 5%.

2、用速凝剂配置喷射混凝土时,应使用标号为 32.5 或以上的未风化的硅酸盐水泥、普通硅酸盐水泥或矿渣硅酸盐水泥,不得使用受潮结块的水泥。

2, with quick coagulation configuration shotcrete when, should use label for 3.25 or more not weathering of silicate cement, ordinary Portland cement or slag Portland cement, shall not use the cement agglomerate damp.

3、喷射混凝土宜采用最大粒径不大于 20mm 的卵石或碎石,细度摸数大于 2.5 的坚硬中砂或粗砂。

3 and shotcrete appropriate USES no greater than the maximum diameter 20mm pebbles or lithotripsy, fineness touch number exceeds 2.5 hard ZhongSha or coarse sand.

4、常用喷射砼配合比为水泥用量 350kg /m 3 ,砂率 60% ,水灰比 0.42 ~ 0.50 。

4, common injection for dosage of cement concrete proportioning 350kg/m 3, sand rate 60% water-cement ratio 0.42 ~ 0.50.



Shotcrete ropy agent

  目前国内外地下工程施工中大量采用喷锚支护,由于喷压时高压气流吹付所产生的粉尘浓度高、回弹量大的问题已引起国内外工程界的重视。为此,国内外已进行了大量的开发研究工作。据了解美国、瑞典等国采用湿喷工艺,研制了各种类型的湿喷机具,对降尘起了一定作用,但设备庞大、维修使用不便,而且喷射回弹仍较大。日本采用潮喷法,通过增加砼粘性等途径,解决粉尘和回弹的问题。近几年已研制出多种有机高分子化合物类的增粘剂,其回弹量可控制在 25 %以内,粉尘降至 5 ~ 1 2 毫克/立方米。但对砼早期强度有一定影响,并有毒性,对人体有危害。目前国内喷射砼基本上采用干喷、半湿喷,粉尘高,回弹大。为解决这些问题,做了大量的研究试验,于八九年研制出喷射砼粘稠剂,经内蒙古准兴重载高速公路隧道,珠海板樟山公路隧道及北京地铁,广州地铁工程,武汉轻轨,海口七建,湖南省建工集团,浏阳-长沙引水工程隧道,武广高速铁路等工点试用表明,其喷射回弹损失减少到:边墙 6~9 %,拱部 1 3~1 8 %;粉尘含量降到 5~9 毫克/立方米,取得显著经济效益和社会效益。

  At home and abroad and underground project construction are used in great quantities in spray anchor bracing, due to spray pressure high-pressure air blowing pay generated by dust density high, a large quantity of springback of engineering problems at home and abroad have already caused the attention. Therefore, both at home and abroad has done a lot of research and development work. According to the United States, Sweden and other countries adopt wet spray process was developed, various types of wet-spray machine, played a certain role in dust, but huge, maintenance equipment use inconvenience, and spray springback bigger. Still Japan adopted tide spray method, by increasing the concrete way such as dust cohesive, solve the problem and rebound. In recent years has developed a wide range of organic macromolecular class viscous agent, the springback quantity can be controlled in 25 % less than, dust fell to 5 ~ 1 2 mg/stere. But early strength of concrete, and have certain effect to human body harm, toxicity. At present domestic sprayed concrete basically adopts dry spray, half wet spray, dust high, rebound. To solve these problems and did a lot of research and experiment, in fact developed jet concrete ropy agent, ZhunXing overloading of Inner Mongolia highway tunnel, zhuhai board ZhangShan highway tunnel and Beijing subway, guangzhou metro engineering, wuhan rail, haikou QiJian, hunan province construction group, liuyang - changsha water diversion project of high-speed railway tunnel, wuhan-guangzhou trial showed that the etc worksite jet springback the losses: sidewall 6 ~ 9 %, arch departments, 1 3 ~ 1 8 %, Dust content to 5 ~ 9 mg/cubic meters, has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits.

1 、粘稠剂无毒、无异味,对人体无害。

1, viscous agent non-toxic, no odor, harmless to the human body.

2 、粘稠剂掺入砼中可提高粘聚性,有效地抑制粉尘和减少回弹。喷射回弹损失:边墙 6~9 %、拱部 13~18 %,经济效益明显。喷射空气粉尘含量,连续喷射 20 分钟后,在离喷射点 5 米 处测定的粉尘含量为 5~9 毫克/立方,改善了作业环境,保护了作业人员的身体健康,社会效益显著。

2, viscous agent in concrete incorporating can improve cohesiveness, effectively suppress dust and reduce the rebound. Spray springback loss: sidewall 6 ~ 9 %, arch department 13 ~ 18 percent, and the economic benefit is obvious. Injection air dust content, continuous injection after 20 minutes, from jets 5 meters in the dust content determination for 5 ~ 9 mg/cubic, improve the working environment, protect the homework personnel's physical health, social benefit is remarkable.

3 、砂浆、砼泌水率小: 2.2 l %和 6.49 %,不掺者为 5.8 8 和 l 6.8 %。

3, mortar and concrete secrete water rate is minor: 2.2 l % and lead %, without antifreezing admixture person for 5.8 8 and l 6.8 percent.

4 、掺粘稠剂砼各令期抗压强度都有提高,其中 28 天,提高 3~5 %, 3 个月提高 4~6 %,各令期抗拉强度也有所提高, 28 天提高 3~5 %, 3 个月提高 5~7 %。

4, mixed viscous agent concrete compressive strength each make period increased, including 28 days, improve 3 ~ 5 %, 3 months raise 4 ~ 6 %, each make period tensile strength also improved, 28 days increase 3 ~ 5 %, 3 months improve 5 ~ 7 %.

5 、与岩面和钢筋的粘结力:掺粘稠剂砼比不掺者分别提高 25~28 %和 24~29 %。

5, and rockface and reinforced the rapping: mixed sticky agent than those without antifreezing admixture concrete respectively raise 25 ~ 28 % and 24 ~ 29 percent.

6 、砼耐久性,在同条件下,掺的粘稠剂砼的抗渗性比不掺者提高一倍;抗冻性,给 100 次冻融循环,不掺者试件脱皮酥松,强度损失高达 70 %;掺者试件表面完好无损,强度损失 8 %。

6, concrete durability, in the same conditions, the viscous agent of concrete admixture penetration-proof quality than those without antifreezing admixture double; Frost resistance, give 100 times the natural freeze-thaw cycle, not mixed specimens peeling, SuSong strength loss as high as 70 %, Mixed specimens are intact, the surface strength loss 8 %.

7 、干缩:掺粘稠剂砼的各令期干缩比不掺者小 18~65 %。

7, dry shrinkage of concrete admixture ropy agent: each make stage drying shrinkage ratio not mixed the small 18 ~ 65 %.

8 、粘稠剂,可提高砼的抗硫酸盐浸蚀性能。并随掺量的增加而提高。

8, viscous agent, can improve the resistance of concrete sulphate erosion performance. And with the increase of the admixture and improve.

9 、试用试验证明,掺粘稠剂砼在管道输送力与不掺者一样不发生堵管、粘管。

9, trial test proof, mixing with viscous agent concrete in pipeline force and not mixed like the not occur tube jam, stick tube.

10 、配制粘稠剂的料源充足,生产工艺简单,价格较低,对各式喷射机均适用,掺用时不需增添设备和改变作业程序,使用方便,利于现场推广应用。为了满足用户的需要和便于长途运输,我们已研制了粉状粘稠剂,并开始生产,在工程中应用。

10 and mixture of viscous agent LiaoYuan enough, simple production technology, the price is low, for all types of jet applies, and mixing -though need not add equipment and change procedures, use convenient, beneficial to the on-site application. In order to meet the needs of users and facilitate the long-distance transportation, we have developed a viscous agent, and begin the powdery production, applied in the project.

型号:BT-2003型; 品牌:海韵牌;
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